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3 Pack: Sequins Mix


This sequin 3-pack includes our Royal Blue Sequin, Yellow Sequin, and Orchid Sparkle Sequin headbands. These sequin soft-grip adjustable headbands add the perfect amount of sparkle to any outfit and are a perfect fit for everyone! 

Tired of the headband headache? These ⅞” wide sparkle headbands are velvet-lined with an adjustable strap that ensures a comfortable fit every time. Our signature soft-grip fabric backing holds onto your hair and keeps flyaways out of your face while working out or hanging out. The best non slip headbands that actually stay right where you want them.

  • Comfortable, fully adjustable headbands
  • Velvet-backed no slip
  • Medium width
  • Won’t slip, break your hair, or give you a headache

Sizing: Fits most head sizes, ranging from a small child to an adult with a large head.

Care: Hand Wash, Hang Dry. 


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