About Us

Bani Bands Headbands, like its parent company Vertical Athletics, was born of necessity. After years of seeing super cute headbands that I could NEVER wear because they either slipped out of my hair or they were too tight and gave me a headache, my sister Bonnie started sewing custom headbands that were big enough for me! We added an adjustable strap, our unique "Soft-Grip"TM fabric backing and the hottest trend top ribbons and created simply the best headband available on the market today.

Our headbands are adjustable so they are truly a one-size-fits-all product. They adjust small enough to fit a toddler and large enough to fit a person with a head up to 22" circumference. With function as our first priority, our headbands are the preferred brand for female athletes no matter what your sport. We have 100's of styles to choose from and we also offer Team pricing, Fundraising opportunities, and Wholesale pricing to qualified retail outlets.

Wondering where our headbands are sewn?

We make some in China and some in the US. All of them are made by home-sewers though! Our China crew is manned by a friend whose relatives sew the bands. Our US crew is headed up by our sister Bonnie and assisted by our mom- aka 'Grandma Julie'. We have a whole network of home sewers who are stay-at-home moms, veterans, college students and grandmas who make our Bani Bands. You are supporting a true cottage industry and helping moms stay home with their kids, grandmas earn a little more on an otherwise fixed income, and students eat more than Ramen noodles.

Thanks for choosing Bani Bands and supporting a Veteran-Owned business!

Bani Bands are simply the best headband for working out, hanging out, playing hard, and looking good!


Renee Hanson

Owner, Designer Bani Bands