Would you like to become a Bani Bands Retailer?

Step #1: Please create a login on our site.

Step #2:  Email us the following information:
  • Tell us the name you registered under so we can tag your account as wholesale
  • Your store name + reseller permit number
  • Contact information including address, phone number, email, and buyer contact information

Once we tag your account, you'll be able to see wholesale pricing when you are logged into your account.


Wholesale Policies:

  • Minimum order of $100
  • Orders placed through the website are for immediate ship only and must be paid for with a credit card when ordered.  If you would like to pre-book inventory for future ship dates please contact us at: sales@banibands.com in order to submit a manual PO.
  • No Bani Bands can be resold on 3rd party websites like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy. Selling Bani Bands on any of these sites will result in Bani Bands taking action with these 3rd party sites and filing a complaint against your account for selling counterfeit merchandise. 
  • No MLB / MiLB products may be sold online 
  • No MLB/ MiLB products may be shipped / sold outside the United States