Band of Sisters

Bani Band of Sisters:

When Renee Hanson Launched Bani Bands,she made a commitment to not only produce the best product she could,but to also build a brand that whould reflect the people building that product as much as the onces wearing it. Bani Bands is proud to support home sewers,both here in the USA and in China. This spring Bani Bands launched a new website which introduced its "Band Together" program. Starting in September of 2012, each Bani Band's hangtag will come with a unique QR code that will allow customers to "meet their marker." By scanning the QR code with a Smartphone,people will be able to learn about the person that sewed their headband.The "Band Together" program was created with the intention of creating a Band of Sisters by connection people through a product.


I am an elementary PE teacher in Castle Rock, CO and the first sewer for Bani Bands Headbands. My sister and I started Bani Bands 4 years ago and I have now sewn more than 50,000 headbands!!! My position changed 2 years ago when our bands of sisters grew and we needed more sewers. I am the grand-daughter of a PE teacher and a home economics teacher, so I guess you can say it is in my blood to be doing this job! I hope you love your new Bani Band as much as I like making them.


I'm Rita and I work at school with Bonnie. Growing up I watched my mother, who was a seamstress and jewelry maker. When the opportunity arose to sew for Bani Bands I knew it Would be a good fit! This opportunity brought my family much needed income and we are very thankful to be part of the Band of sisters!


Renee (Bani Band's Founder) and I serverd in the millitary together, and now I'm a stay at home mom with 5 beautiful children. I've sewn over 10,000 Bani Bands,and I love being able to work from home. Being a Bani Bands sewer allows me to spend more time with my little onces,and I feel blessed to have this opportunity.Bani Bands is the perfect job,because my husband is still active duty and if we need to move, I can take my work with me. We are so thankful to Renee and Bani Bands for supporting us and we are thankful to you for supporting the brand every time you wear your Bani Band.

I hope you love your new Bani as much as I loved sewing it!

Semper Fi~Amy


Hi. I'm Renee's Mom, and I retired from a career in interior design. I enjoygardening, cooking, reading,and quilting. Renee thought I could use my love of sewing to help her with her business. It is a pleasure working for my daughter and seeing her business grow. I now have 5 ladies helping me. retirement costs a lot of money and sewing for Bani Bands helps me to have some extra income to enjoy my life more. I hope you enjoy your headband.


My name is Amanda and I live in Denver, Colorado with my wonderful husband and basset hound, Bart. I got my start sewing when about 7 years old back in my 4H days. I have made everything from potholders to quilts, and I even sewed my high school prom dress. Bani Bands has been a great opportunity to supplement my income with the convenience of working from home.

Tracie C:

My name is Tracie C and have enjoyed Working for Bani Bands since 2011. I have 3 kids in School and this position has given me the flexibility to work from home and still be involved with my children's school. I'm also an avid runner and absolutely LOVE the headbands because of the comfort and no-slip design.


My obsession with Bani Bands started in 2008 when the company was first starting out. At first i was just wearing the headbands, but after two years I started sewing them. As a student st CU Boulder, Making Bani Bands is a great opportunity to make some extra cash and to have some relaxation by sewing. I am an active practicer of advanced vinyasa yoga and love to be outdoors in my spare time, so naturally Bani Bands are my lifesaver! Not only do I love sewing,but I'm always spreading the word about Bani Bands and love the numerous compliments I get every time I wear one! Thank you for supporting our products and our hard work!


I am a retired teacher and began sewing when I was 12 years old. I love to sew everything from clothing to curtains! Sewing Bani Bands helps me earn extra money by doing what I love.I have many sisters and nieces who enjoy the quality,style and fit of Bani Bands.


My name is Jen Smith and i live in Castle Rock, Colorado right next door to Bonnie(Renee's Sister).I have been cutitng for Bani Bands for several months now. I enjoy contributing to such a grate little company and being able to cut on my own time. I have a one year old was finding time to cut when he would nap. Now that he is older, and into everything, he has discovered the ribbon and loves to "help." It has been nice being able to help and make a little extra money on the side.


I'm a recent CU grand that started sewing for Bani Bands to help pay my rent in college, but now I'm sewing to accommodate my slight obsession with buying new hiking gear! I love Renee and Bonnie's attitude and outlook on their company and am so blessed to have gotten to know these amazing women.Bani sneak their way into almost every wardrobe of mine, Work or play- I love them! I'm currently living in Aurora, Colorado, so if you happen to get one of my bands, know it come with love from the Rockies! Happy adventuring :) - Becky


At a very early age, my mother taught me the basics of sewing. I found that I really enjoyed how creative sewing can be. So though the years I have tacked many sewing projects including making my own clothes as well as makings windows treatments. When my husband and I retired from our corporate jobs on Michigan and moved to Tennessee, my friend and neighbor asked if I would interested in sewing headbands. I was delighted with the opportunity. I hope you enjoy wearing the headband as much as I enjoy macking them.


I learned about Bani Bands from Julie, the company founder's mother. Julie and I both have dogs and we often walk then together in the morning. I learned that my friend was sewing for her daughter's business making headbands. I enjoy sewing and making headbands for fun and to help with household expenses. As a retired person, it has been satisfying to bring in some additional income, to do it from home wherever it is convenient. Enjoy your headband.


I came to the U.S. many years ago because there were so few opportunities for work in my own country. I work in a factory, and when our hours were cut back it got a bit hard to pay expenses, but it also gave me more time to be with my daughter. Having the chance to sew at home for Bani Bands has been a perfect way to bring in more income from home. It has helped make life better for me and my daughter. She watches me sew and is getting interested in learning how to do it. We hope you like you Bani Band.


My family and I came to the U.S. years ago and I have been grateful to be able to raise my 5 children in this country. Although I now have time to work outside the home, it has been difficult to find work. Sewing for Bani Bands has been a true blessing. Now I can take care of my 3 grandchildren and also earn an income. I love to sew and was fortunate to inherits that from my mother, who was a seamstress. I have wanted to became a citizen for a long time, but did not have the money for a citizenship application. Working for Bani Bands has provided me not only ability to financially support my family, but also achieve my long-time dream of becoming a US citizen, which I which I now am.


After raising my family in Michigan, I retired to Tennessee. I enjoy sewing and learned about a great way to supplement my income making headbands. Bani Bands has enabled me to work from home at my favorite radio programs on Moody Bible Radio, which is a wonderful perk for me.