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Solid Color Multifunction Cooling Scarf -Turquoise


The scarf that cools you down when you need it most! These fashion scarves perform like a sports scarf and are made with our patented cooling fabric. These cooling scarves are great for cooling you down whenever you need it, whether it’s a hot day or if you’re having a hot flash.

Hot flashes are the worst, so we created a soft, multifunctional cooling scarf you can wear anywhere, everyday. The scarf isn't cold when it's dry, so you can wear it all day as a functional, fashionable item just waiting for its rescue mission! Use this sweat-wicking scarf to blot your sweat or get it wet with any temperature water and feel how chilly it gets! As long as your scarf is damp, it's patented design will cool you down. Wear it to the office or on an evening out as a fashion accessory. Perfect for any occasion when you need discreet yet fashionable relief.

  • Made from a patented, chemical-free, hyper-evaporative cooling fabric that cools down up to 30% below skin temperature when wet
  • Sweat-wicking, lightweight poly-spandex
  • Long enough to wear as a wide headband or double knot as a cooling neck scarf 

 Sizing: 28" long, 4" wide at center. 

 Care: Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Low. Iron as needed. 

 Made in the USA of imported fabric.