Astros Pineapple Cooling Gaiter

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This multifunction neck gaiter can be worn as a hairband, beanie, face mask, sweatband, pony-tail hat, and hair tie—all-in-one awesome, must-have sports headband! Great for using on the water when fishing, paddle boarding, or boating.

 Made of a soft stretchy patented cooling micro-polyester / spandex fabric that wicks away moisture and cools up to 30% below skin temperature when wet. SPF 50+ rated fabric for ultimate sun protection.

The Astros Pineapple Cooling Gaiter also features the cutting-edge science of HeiQ V-Block. HeiQ V-Block is an innovative Swiss antimicrobial technology that uses an advanced silver technology and a vesicle booster technology to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on textile surfaces. This antimicrobial treatment helps fight microorganisms to keep textiles cleaner for longer, so you can wear your gaiter with added confidence.

11" long x 19" circumference

 Machine wash, hang dry.

Made in USA of imported fabric.

All gaiters are final sale.

Antimicrobial properties are built-in to protect the product. This product does not protect users or others against pathogens. Always clean the product thoroughly after each use.

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