Electric Wild Flowers Cooling Headband

Flowers are hot but this flower band will keep you cool all Summer long!  Coolcore Cooling Sweatband works with any outfit and will keep you cool while working hard! Great for biking, running, hunting, fishing, camping, and playing outdoors this summer! Each band's pattern varies slightly- see photos below.  Yellow flowers are very bright- almost neon!  This is one of our most popular bands.

Our Coolcore Cooling headbands cool up to 30 percent below skin temperature when wet! 

1. Wet  (or start working out and sweating)

2. Waive it in the air 

3. Wear it

Water + Air Flow = Patented Hyper Evaporative Cooling that keeps you cool on the hottest days or the hardest workouts

 Size: One Size Fits Most - These are made on the larger size of 'normal' so everyone can wear without getting a headache!  Front width is 4.5" when worn all the way wide (of course you can scrunch it in narrower if you prefer.)  Back tapers to approximately 1.5" wide.

Made in USA of imported fabric

Machine Wash, Hang Dry (The Non-Chemical Cooling properties never wash out!)