13.1 Turquoise

For those of you who are Half crazy and are ready for that 13.1 mile run, this Bani Band is for you!  We have designed this Bani with the same soft-grip and adjustable band that lets you focus on your race and not your hair.  Provides a unique and comfortable fit that will move with your moves.

This 7/8 inch wide headband is velvet lined with an adjustable strap—our signature soft-grip fabric backing holds onto your hair and the adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit every time (will fit most heads, ranging from a small child to an adult with a large head). it won’t slip, break your hair, or give you a headache. Look good no matter what you’re doing, these bands will keep your flyaways out of your face while working out or hanging out.

Medium Width.  Hand Wash, Hang Dry.  Imported.