Introducing… Be Better, Band Together!

September 27, 2013 2 min read

We all have those days where we just don't feel like running or working out. For me, when those days come along, it’s often other people that keep me moving. A few encouraging words from my fiancé, or firm plans to meet up with a friend for a bike ride- these things motivate me. But the problem is… sometimes my fiancé isn’t around to nudge me out the door. And often my weeks are so busy that I don’t have time to text my girlfriends, let alone align our schedules and meet up for a run.

So what’s the secret to getting moving when your legs are tired or your motivation has gone MIA? I’ve heard this advice time & time again over the years, but recently it has become crystal clear: find an “accountability” partner. Whether it’s a running friend, coach, running club, or online network-research shows that you’re far more likely to stick to a running program with a great support system in place. And while an awesome running partner or group that you really click with is hard to come by, goodsupport systems are out there. Promise!

On this note, we’re excited to launch ourBe Better, Band Together Blog Series. As part of our mission to share helpful tips and inspirational stories to keep you moving, we’ll be profiling running groups, teams, and workout BFFs that inspire and show us what a great support system looks like.

We’ll be bringing these to you on the first day of every month, so stay tuned for our first Be Better, Band Togetherpost next Tuesday. Our first feature? The Twittigators, a group of lawyers from California who met (you guessed it) on Twitter and who formed their group after realizing that they shared similar fitness goals and a love of margaritas. We’ll be bringing you the inside scoop next week- a sneak peak is below:

Maria Hennessey 

Bani Bands 

Band of Sisters

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