The Best of Bani Bands- Meet an inspiring 13 year-old, Amy!

July 23, 2013 4 Comments

By: Maria Hennessey

In addition to making the world’s most functional, fashionable headbands for active women, one of Bani Bands core values is to inspire people to lead active, healthy lifestyles. There is also nothing we love more than giving back to communities, including the Bani Bands community made up of friends, fans, retailers, employees, and customers.

Why? Because our community inspires us. YOU inspire us. You inspire us to create products we know you’ll love while you’re on the trails, on the courts, on the track, or simply around town. You inspire us simply by being who you are and doing what you’re doing every day. Whether you’re out running, climbing, playing tennis, hiking, being a mom, dancing, or ALL of the above, one thing we know is true: You. Are. Awesome.

That’s why when we received a very sweet email from a 13 year-old girl with a great mission, we jumped at the opportunity to help her. We love good stories, and love sharing good stories, so here’s one for you. We promise this will make you smile :)

Amy is an active member in her local Girl Scouts Troop. She has a passion for volleyball and helping others. She decided to make it her personal goal to raise money for the US Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Team in an effort to attain the Girl Scout Silver Award- the highest honor a girl her age can receive (pretty awesome, right?!) 


On May 20, 2013, Amy wrote Bani Bands for support:


Dear Bani Bands Team,

My name is Amy and I am 13 years old and a Girl Scout of Huntington Beach. I am working on my Silver Award for Girl Scouts, which is the highest achievement a Cadette Girl Scout can get. For my Silver Award, I am holding a fundraiser on the beach with a silent auction for families and a volleyball clinic for kids to raise money for the USA Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Team. This is a volleyball team with physical injuries preventing them from playing volleyball standing up. I, too, am a volleyball player, that is why I have a strong admiration for these players.

I am contacting you because it would be great if Bani Bands would donate headbands towards my fundraiser for the kids attending the volleyball clinic or for the volleyball auction basket. It would be so cool to have Bani Bands at my fundraiser!

I look forward to hearing back!

Thank you!


Girl Scout of Orange County

Troop 532

We field A LOT of donation requests and while we wish we could accommodate all of them, we simply can’t. This one tugged at our heartstrings. We were immediately touched Amy’s mission, impressed by her determination, and excited to get involved. We responded:


Thank you for contacting Bani Bands. We loved reading your email and would love to help! Bani Bands would like to donate 50 headbands for your fundraiser. Can we ask you to send us a picture of you in your girl scouts uniform or a picture from your upcoming event? We would love to share your story. Please send us your shipping address.

Thank you!

Bani Bands Team


This past week, with Amy’s fundraising event behind her, she wrote us back and included a photo for us to keep. Let's just say, we were all smiles around the office.

Hello Bani Bands Team,

I would like to thank you for the donation of 50 Bani Bands Headbands! They were a big hit - everybody wanted one! I appreciate your donation very much.

For my fundraiser, I was able to raise $300.00 to support the USA Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Team. I also earned my Girl Scout Silver Award, which is the highest award a girl my age can get! Attached is a picture of all the kids who attended my fundraiser and volleyball clinic who received headbands!

Thank you so much for your support.


We want to give Amy and her Girl Scout Troop a big shout out for supporting a great cause and making this world a better place. We also want to thank YOU, and the entire Bani Bands community, for your support and for letting us help make a difference.


Have a cause of your own? Fundraising for an organization? We are always looking for opportunities to give back and help good causes. Selling Bani Bands to raise funds for your school or community organizations is a great way to boost team spirit and provide a product everyone loves! Product donations (like we did for Amy) are sometimes a possibility. You can also order fundraiser headbands at a steeply discounted rate online- clickherefor the details!


The Best of Bani Bands is our way of sharing with you the latest and greatest stories from the Bani Bands community. From amazing events we’re involved in to incredible customers who inspire us, we’re bringing you a behind-the-scenes look into what the Bani Bands community is up to. Our goal is to inspire our community to “band together” to achieve goals, stay active, and enjoy life. Have an inspiring Bani Bands story to share? Don’t be shy, email us today!

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July 24, 2013

I do 3 day 60 mile walks every year to support breast cancer treatment and research so I understand volunteering and fundraising. This is fantastic at 13 Amy would like to support such a worthy cause. Great job Bani Bands is supporting her!!!


July 23, 2013

It is so great to hear about inspiring kids! As a teacher, I always love to see kids who think of others and understand the importance of service to others. Way to go Amy!

Magdalena V
Magdalena V

July 23, 2013

What a great story!! Amy is very a inspiring young lady and should be so proud of her self :D Congrats!!!!


July 23, 2013

It’s always great to hear that a company that makes great products also supports great causes, too! Congratulations to Amy on a successful fundraiser!

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