'Tis the Season - Give the Gift of Bani Bands

December 13, 2013 1 min read 1 Comment

Giving. There's just something special about it. It empowers and connects us to each other, and it's a big, HUGE fundamental part of human happiness. It's also why we love this time of year- opportunities to give are everywhere.

This season, we encourage you to GIVE to those people that mean something to you. Whether it's to your local barista or amazing massage therapist. Your trusted dog sitter or your favorite babysitter. Your workout buddy or your co-worker. Give to those that make a difference in your life. It doesn't matter what you give- something as simple as a card or a caffè latte can express more gratitude and have more meaning than a $100 Giftcard to Sephora- although we certainly wouldn't turn that down :) 

If you're like us and are fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of amazing, active women in your life, Bani Bands makes a wonderful gift. Our NEW Bantek styles- like this popular Blue Chevron- are perfect for the more athletic women in your life. The Glitz line is for your fashionista friend who always seem to be wearing something you love. There is a Bani Bands for every woman in your life, including you - don't forget that treating yourself is important too. 

If you're looking for other fun ideas, we love this gift guide by The Examiner: "The Outdoor Lover's Guide to Christmas Gifts Under $25." And yes, yours truly is included :)

Happy giving this holiday season!


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August 26, 2014

There are not enough that look like actual bandanas, size wise. That would be the type I would buy.

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