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Be Better, Band Together- Meet The Twittigators!

We are pleased to announce the official kickoff of our Be Better, Band Together blog series! This series is a part of our mission to share helpful tips and inspirational stories to keep you moving, we’ll be profiling running groups, teams, and workout BFFs that inspire and show us what a great support system looks like. Read up and enjoy!

We recently caught up with a running group who call themselves the Twittigators. These ladies are a group of lawyers from California. They met via Twitter and formed their group after realizing that they shared similar fitness goals and a love post race brunches (who doesn't?!)

Since then, they have become a team. They get together to run races near and far, from 5ks to marathons, and sometimes even reluctantly, but they do so as a group, they are: Team Litigilicious Twittigators! From beginners to experts they stick together through races. Whether they run, walk, or crawl their motto is to “Never Leave A Twittigator Behind” and we dig it. Not to mention, they are HUGE Bani Bands fans, they rock our gear in every race :).

So aside from decking them out in some Flower Mama Bani Bands for their San Diego Aloha 5K last month, we had some questions for the Twittigators about what it’s like to be in a running group and how has it inspired them to be better. Here is what one member, Michelle, told us:

 1. What is your favorite thing about being in a running group?

My favorite thing about being in a running group is that we're not really a "running group" in a traditional sense. We don't all train together or have set run days, but we support each other when we do run, regardless of how fast or slow we are. We push each other to be better and celebrate when something good happens, whether it's a faster time or a successful case. The brunches after a race also help.

2. How has your workout regime changed since you joined the Twittigators?

My workouts have become more varied. I used to just do kettlebell workouts - which are great, don't get me wrong. But now, if I don't want to do a kettlebell session, I might run or walk, do a Pilates or yoga class, or a combination of these. I'm open to a new workout, even if just to try it once.

 3. What is the Twittigators leading force of motivation?

We're all different and like to do different activities. That said, we're all a bit competitive so while it's not the "I have to beat her" attitude, it's more of "if she can do that so can I" or "if I have to, so do you" frame of mind.  It helps us all try new things because it's a healthy competition which we all foster and which provides us all with motivation to do something new.

4. If you could sum up what the Twittigators stand for in one sentence, what would you say?

Fun, love, friendship, and support for each other...and brunch.

5. What’s the funniest/most crazy story you guys have from a race/workout/or team gathering?

It's really a question of which one can I share without getting into trouble... We had the first annual holiday party in January. It was supposed to be a simple brunch and gift exchange and it started out that way. One of the girls we are all friends with online came in from Texas to meet us all for the first time and the brunch turned into a giant slumber party. Our Texas Twittigator planned to stay for 3 days and ended up staying for 3 weeks.

6. Do the Twittigators have any pre-race or post-race rituals, what are they?

We don't have much in the way of pre-race rituals since we're usually all just trying to get to the race on time. But our post-race ritual is always brunch. We pick a place to go to and have a nice long brunch where we get to catch up and talk and eat and sometimes plan the next race.

7. What advice would you give someone looking to find and join a workout group?

Find a workout group that is more than just about working out and be open to unconventional groups. You can set up a group among online friends who just need the support to keep on track. It makes a big difference when you have someone say, "It's ok you missed today's ab challenge - double up tomorrow like I did!" No judgment just support and advice.

Wondering what is up next for this tenacious team? Here it is: “We are all planning on running this year's Electric Run – in Superhero costumes and glow in the dark el-wire (maybe Bani Bands will have some glow in the dark headbands by then…wink, wink). Christine is running the Las Vegas Rock n Roll half. Angelica is running the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Fransisco. Molly, Christine, and I are planning on running the Hot Buttered Run, and entering her son in the kids’ Candy Cane 1k. Pauline is planning on running the Hot Chocolate 15k in March; I might join her if I'm up for a 15k by then." -  Michelle S., Twittigator member.

There’s something truly awesome about the ways others can motivate you to meet your PR or even just to cross a finish when things get tough. That’s why we love their story. An unconventional and unexpected group of runners (AND former non-runners) found power within each other to be better and THAT, we think is awesome.


Our question: Who is your favorite workout buddy? Tell us by leaving a comment below and you’ll be entered to WIN some Bani Bands schwag!


  • I work out everyday with my soccer team. I love it, and will never forget the fun times I have with them. We motivate each other on the field and off. A great way to workout is having people to motivate you to the best of your abilities. So my workout buddies are my teammates.

  • My best workout buddies aren’t people I actually know… they are the women who go to the classes at the same time I do! We keep eachother motivated

    Jennifer K C
  • I didn’t work out much until I joined stroller strides and now my kids are my favorite buddies! when I’m tired I remember that they are watching me and I want to set a good example of health and also stay healthy for them!

    Raina Fein
  • I’d love to be part of such a. Cool group!

    Amy Kelsey
  • Unfortunately, I don’t have a running group but I do have my trusty 1 year old to plop in the jogger and run with. She is always happy to go for a ride and take in the scenery or even take a nap. And added bonus, the extra weight is helping me burn more calories! :)

    Nicole Egerer

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